Welcome Back!! [Update 3][6/30/17]

Well MEGA suspended my account because of copy right claims so I'm closing down the PS3 Anime Themes blog. I no longer have the themes posted on the blog due to my HDD's crushing earlier last year. Thank you everyone for all years of visiting my blog and liking my Facebook page.

Its been a fun 7 years but now its time to close down shop, so once again thank you for the great 7 years!
Time for some good news!

I was able to restore most of the themes I had uploaded, around 95% that is. So I will be working on restoring everything back up, I might go with google drive but I will take the proper precautions this time. check back here or on Facebook for updates.

Update 1 - 3/8/17 : Okay so this is going to take some time to finish, I have to go back through a lot of pages and re-edit one by one, also I will be uploading all the themes from now on as numbers only example 001.p3t once you install the theme on your ps3 you should see the actual name of the theme you installed. also google drive will be the new host.

Update 2 - 3/31/17: I changed the theme and layout of the blog, I've been planing this for sometime and since I'm giving the blog a fresh start why not implement it now. I'm still working on uploading all the themes but I'm also testing google drive in the mean time just in case this happens again. Thank you all for you patience and I hope to have all the themes back up asap.

 Update 3 - 6/31/17: A late update but I've been having some issues on my end, I will have most of the themes up really soon. sorry for the long delay.

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